We are pleased to introduce to your attention our own investment project, The Garden Village."
The size of the investment in this project
15 000 000$
The annual return on investment
12 months
The project’s implementation timeline and break-even point
15 000 000$
The size of the investment in this project
We are pleased to introduce to your attention our own investment project, The Garden Village."
The annual return on investment
12 months
The project’s implementation timeline and break-even point
The construction of a countryside complex comprising 20 houses with recreational infrastructure for family and/or friends. For homebuyers, it primarily serves as an investment opportunity, as after purchasing a house, the new owner has the option to lease it out and earn a return (up to 20% annually).
Their main advantages include:
are a modern solution for comfortable and rapid construction of rural residences. Prefabricated houses are pre-made in factory conditions and delivered to the site in the form of ready modules or components.
Countryside prefab homes
Speed of Construction
Prefabrication significantly reduces the construction timeline, making it especially valuable when facing strict time constraints.
Quality Control
All house elements are manufactured in factory conditions, ensuring high-quality materials and assembly.
Innovative Technologies
Prefab homes incorporate advanced engineering solutions and technologies, enabling the creation of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly structures.
Individual Design
Numerous layout and exterior design options allow you to choose a house that meets your needs and style.
Quick Adaptation to Changes
The modular structure allows for easy modifications to the house or adding new modules.
Cost Savings
Thanks to production process optimization, prefab homes can be more cost-effective compared to traditional construction.
Minimized Construction Waste
Factory assembly means less waste on the construction site, which is more environmentally friendly.
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Countryside prefab homes are a modern and convenient solution for those who value high quality, construction efficiency, and a personalized approach to housing".
Teamwork — the project involves specialists from both Russia and the Republic of Kazakhstan, leveraging a synergy of skills to achieve a high-quality product in the shortest possible time.
Homes are sold not for personal use but as real estate investment properties available for short-term rentals, which greatly shortens the sales cycle and allows them to be sold at a good.
Construction of frame houses and the use of 'Prefab' technology for creating homes on the site significantly reduces construction time and saves costs.
Secrets to Rapid Project Implementation
A well-structured project cycle with many processes happening concurrently.

While land is being surveyed and prepared, homes and frame elements are simultaneously constructed in production areas. This enables the placement of homes on the sites and active sales to start with the arrival of the warm.
Sales of finished homes are conducted simultaneously in three jurisdictions: Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.
Despite similar projects being common in the Moscow Region, Leningrad Region, and the European Union, there is currently not a single such project in the Almaty region.

According to a sociological study conducted by Kursiv Research Center for Sociological Studies, residents of Almaty have an interest in countryside leisure, with 91% of them not owning their own property.

Moreover, the proportion of those considering countryside real estate as a place for leisure with family and friends is increasing every year.

In 2022, the percentage of respondents viewing countryside real estate as a leisure destination grew by 62.4%.
Market Readiness
"The architectural appearance of the buildings reflects their conceptual essence.

'The Garden Village' consists of modular homes that can expand through 'extension' to the existing structure.

The idea is not new and has stood the test of time; however, the exterior and interior design of these structures take them beyond the realm of typical modular houses with conspicuous glass elements in a 'cottage' form and black folded roofing from ridge to foundation.

The architectural solution of 'The Garden Village' continues the concept of modularity, manifesting itself in a checkered wooden cladding and a similarly designed porch. This design is not only aesthetic but also functional.

Externally, it introduces additional variability in the appearance with standardized elements such as planters, lights, and even windows. Internally, it offers various shelves, cabinets, niches, lighting fixtures, and more.

This approach is familiar to many users worldwide and has been proven effective by IKEA in its furniture and home accessories.

For the discerning eye, stylistically, 'The Garden Village' series could be associated with the popular Scandinavian minimalism.'

However, in this project, such a comparison is somewhat conditional, as the stylistic characteristics were dictated by both the project’s function and its ease of future use".

Chief Project Architect Dmitry S. Mukhin
The complex comprises an equal number of one-bedroom and two-bedroom houses. Additionally, each house is equipped with a sofa bed, allowing for an increase in the number of guests.

In a very compact format, everything necessary for a comfortable stay at any time of the year is provided.
Complex Infrastructure
The entire complex is adorned with apple trees, providing a cozy atmosphere. The periods of flowering and fruit ripening offer visitors beauty and a pleasant aroma
Year-round swimming pool, sauna, and spa room allow for rejuvenation after outdoor activities
A clubhouse with a restaurant and bar area
24/7 reception service
A crossfit training area and a perimeter track for running and biking
High-speed internet throughout the complex
Parking for 24 cars
Each house has a well-kept lawn with grassy plantings that create a wilderness effect, without hindering movement and relaxation. The selected grass varieties have minimal allergenic properties and are highly photogenic
We have chosen an optimal location for construction that meets the following key criteria:
Location and Biome
Sufficiently remote from Almaty to provide a deep immersion in nature.

Convenient road access from Almaty to the complex, taking no more than two hours.

A unique biome that encourages outdoor activities throughout the year.
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