The Creative Industry is a sector of the economy that encompasses various creative and cultural fields, including art, design, media, entertainment, fashion, architecture, music, film, television, advertising, and more.

It covers a wide range of professional activities related to the creation, production, and distribution of creative products, services, and content.
Creative Industry
The Creative Industry brings together individuals whose work is based on their creative abilities and skills, and who strive to bring innovative ideas to life.

It plays a significant role in the cultural economy, contributing to the development of culture, ideas, innovation, and expression.

Additionally, this sector is a significant source of employment and economic growth.
Creative Industry
The Creative Industry is often associated with the use of modern technologies and digital tools, enabling the expansion of creative boundaries and the creation of new opportunities for interaction and communication.

It contributes to the development of innovation and the visual and aesthetic advancement of society.

In essence, the Creative Industry is a dynamic and diverse sector that plays an important role in the cultural and economic life of society, fostering the development and expansion of creativity and innovation.
People and companies involved in the development of the creative industry, like everyone else, need a home.
What we do
We create real estate properties that become platforms for creative projects and environments for the development of creative industries based on the synergy of functions.
Over the years, we have created the majority of creative industry facilities in St. Petersburg — two large complexes that are among the top ten largest and most successful creative clusters in Russia.
The most striking projects
Creative clusters demonstrate higher financial performance (up to +30% annual growth) and property capitalization indicators (up to +300%).
Creative clusters are a source of pride, image, and an opportunity to communicate one’s values to a wide audience.
Hundreds of unique mentions in the media, direct contacts with world stars of pop, fine art, monumentalism, digital projects; the opportunity to communicate with the most iconic cultural and world-class museum institutions.
Support in migration processes: obtaining RIGHTS, residence permit and citizenship by an individual of the investor, or by employees of the investor’s company in the case of their relocation, selection of housing and office.
What do creative clusters give to real estate owners
Development of the concept of clusters
Attracting and selecting residents
Event content
Provide us with the property specifications
We will develop an optimal development strategy for it
Formulate the project’s market positioning
Support the implementation process
Establish (find, train) a competent project management team
What is needed to join the success
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