We are pleased to introduce to your attention our own Investment project… ALL IN ONE Apartments
The size of the investment
From 2 800 000 $
annual return on invested funds
4 years
Long investment cycle
From 2 800 000 $
The size of the investment
We are pleased to introduce to your attention our own Investment project… ALL IN ONE Apartments
annual return on invested funds
4 years
Long investment cycle
to construct a multi-functional apartment building with a closed-loop concept. Essentially, apartment residents have access to a set of services that fulfill the needs of modern individuals.
The idea is
beyond the Apartments in the Building
Functions ,
Self-service laundry, eliminating the need for residents to have their own washing machines in their apartments

Storage lockers for personal belongings — a convenient solution for storing seasonal items, collectibles, and more

Fitness center with cardio equipment, free weights, and flex-yoga zones.

Cinema for broadcasts and screenings

Co-working space with open workstations and a meeting room equipped with a screen for lectures and presentations available for hourly rental

Three street food cafes

Vending area with 24/7 access to ready-made food and beverages

24/7 lobby bar

Reception, essentially a concierge service, assisting with mail handling, message delivery, key management, and various other helpful functions

Rooftop terrace with a sunbathing area in the summer, relaxation zones, and smoking areas
The apartments themselves have a unified layout that allows for a compact format while providing everything necessary for a happy and self-sufficient life. This includes:
A double bed on the second level with bedside tables

Wardrobe for storage

Kitchenette with a refrigerator, induction cooktop, and sink

Work desk

Sofa bed


Bathroom with a toilet, bathtub, and sink
– yes, the selling price is slightly higher than the average price of other real estate with comparable square footage.

However, properties with comparable square footage cannot be considered true counterparts as they significantly lag in quality, primarily being Soviet-era panel buildings.
(by quality, we mean not only the finishing quality but also the available features offered by the complex).
Competitive Advantages of «…..ALL IN ONE Apartments»
Price-to-quality ratio
– there is no such favorable price-to-quality ratio even in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where serviced apartments are well-developed.

Currently, in Almaty, there are no similar projects
Investment nature of the apartments
– buyers have the opportunity to entrust them to us for management and earn income exceeding the overall market rental income in the region.

This serves as a great incentive to purchase apartments and possibly more than one..
Additional services
– there are numerous additional services available, but to illustrate, one can be mentioned.

The primary target audience includes young people, including students whose parents buy apartments for them. If parents are the owners of the apartments or if prior consent is obtained from the owner, they can always check at the reception if their child is in the building and even access the cameras in the reception area to confirm that their child has returned or left the building.
The chosen location is right in the city center, providing walkable access to the main transportation arteries of the city and offering a plethora of services, amenities, and entertainment options.
“The Apart-Hotel '... All in One' combines all the essential functions for modern urban living.

Each of these functions is meaningful not only in terms of utility but also in an aesthetic sense.

The hotel's design code is shaped by an emotional connection to art, creative concepts, and artistic cinema, particularly the film 'Everywhere at Once.'

It was this film that our team most associated with the multifaceted and multifunctional 'everyday life,' which can no longer be called 'routine' and which infuses the everyday lives of all residents with new colors”.

Chief Architect Dmitriy S. Mukhin
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